Andrew Johnson soaks in the sunset on South Texas ranch he said reminds of his time in Alaska and will be going too again in few months.  (Dallas Morning News)
Steve in his new apartment in Colorado City, Az after being kicked out of the FLDS.  (Personal Project)
Three time world champion in two weight divisions Azumah Nelson after a training session in San Antonio, Texas. (New York Times)
Ashley, Colorado City, AZ (Personal Project)
Christine Johnson will soon have to leave her trailer in Colorado Ciity, Az with no help from the children's husband who was currently a member of the FLDS which she escaped. (Personal Project)
Urban farmer, John Wilmer in Central Texas (New York Times)
Brothers in Roswell, New Mexico.  (Personal Project)
Father and son olive farmers in Central Texas.
Holocaust survivor in Central Texas (New York Times)
Former secretary of state George Schultz (New York Times)
After escaping the FLDS with her husband Don and two boys Suzanne's new home is a camper in St. George, Utah which she couldn't stand because of the Summer heat. (Personal Project)
Supermax prison inmate in East Texas.  (New York Times)
Artist in Austin studio
Zack the Kauai surfer.  (Personal Project)

Wearing a mask to protect his identity a 16-year-old minor who willingly left the FLDS was proud to leave the cult even though his family still resides with the polygamous cult.  The photograph was taken inside one the safe houses inside Colorado City. (Personal Project)

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